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May 25th, 2024

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The world of

Discover the Unique

NFT Collection!

The BABBERZ live in a parallel universe unlike any other. These unique digital creatures are colorful, hand-drawn, and completely one-of-a-kind. Each NFT is a piece of digital art that represents a new world of creativity, imagination, and possibility.

Journey to the unknown

the story

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    How many Babberz in Phase 2 will be minted?


    Where can I mint Babberz Phase 2?

    They will be available on

    Can I mint more than one?

    Yes, but there is a limit of 5 items per wallet

    When is the public sale?

    Phase 2 will go live at 5pm Pacific Standard Time on May 25th, 2024

    When will the public sale close?

    The public sale will close when the allotted supply of 8,686 has all been minted